Gallery KELIM

Werner Brändl has worked with old textiles and rugs since he
first journeyed to Turkey in 1974. The Gallery KELIM was founded
in the early 1980s in the splendid medieval core of Würzburg,
a stone's throw from Frankfurt.

Since 1984, several exhibitions have been prepared yearly, generally
with each offering focus on a specific topic. As of 1994, the exhibitions
were expanded to four yearly. The gallery presents rugs, textiles, and
flat-weavery from the seventeenth to mid-twentieth centuries.

The noncommercial, antique textile, whether it be knotted, woven, or felted,
is impressive both in variety and proliferation. Several hundred old and
antique rarities await you.

The pieces shown here can be seen in the gallery's various exhibitions.

Werner Brändl

Exhibitions of the Gallery KELIM

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