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The Bieber Project
Old dye tradition in new Anatolian carpets and flatweaves
- 3rd exhibition -

Sep 12 - Oct 14, 2000

Bieber Project website

Kilim Bergama

Kirsehir Cicim

The Bieber Project

Back in 1981, the Bieber project - named after its founder -
came to life in Istanbul, Turkey. It was the result of more
than 25 years of field work in Anatolia. The project's intent
is the preservation of the technique of Anatolian wool
preparation and dyeing, an almost forgotten craft.

In addition, the century-old process of working with permanent,
natural dyes is being rediscovered. The KELIM Gallery's current
exhibit, their fourth one showcasing this subject, should be of
special interest to those carpet conoisseurs and collectors who
enjoy practical, long-lived and expressive works of art.
These rugs and flatweaves are meant for people who genuinely
appreciate precious artwork with a strong historical value.

You are cordially invited.

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