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Exhibition AYDINLI 2001
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Much has been published during recent decades about
Anatolian kilims. The west Anatolian "AYDINLI" kilim is
a rare find, with collectors concentrating more on the
central Anatolian flatweaves.

During my travels in Anatolia, I regularly visited the region
around the west Anatolian town of AYDIN, in search of their
magnificent tribal kilims. The AYDINLI textile collection that
my efforts produced is one of the most complete and varied
of its kind.

My second AYDINLI exhibit is intended to increase recognition
and knowledge of these particular flatweaves. More than 40
large and small kilims - mostly from the area between
Kütahya and Cine, as well as from Burdur and Manisa -
reveal the wide spectrum of this region´s weavings.
The oldest textiles in the exhibit likely date back to the
18th century and still impress us with their powerful
symbolism and colors.

You are cordially invited

Werner Brändl