An exhibition of the Gallery KELIM
"Prestige and Vision" 2001

 Nupe  Yoruba  Hausa  Yoruba  Yoruba

 Bakuba  Asante  Asante  Eight Knives

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Prestige and Vision

The exhibition shows some of the finest pieces ever made from the late 19th century to present.

Showing the famous "Adire" indigo reserve techniques, rare broadloom and narrow strip weaves and prestige gowns of the Yoruba, Hausa, Nupe, Asante and Ewe, for private and museum collectors.

Also select decorative pieces of Raphia textiles from the masters of abstraction, the Bakuba.

As tradition is not a static and unchanging phenomenon, we admire and pay respect to the westafrican traditional weavers, who have taken up the challenge, using novel yarns.

The dazzling effects achieved with lurex and rayon show creativity embedded in tradition. The artisans are fortunate to have a secure indigenous patronage, which enables them to produce textiles of such striking beauty and quality.

Marie A. Adeniran

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