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Symbol and Colour - Textile art from four Centuries
Exhibition from 13th November to 22th December 2001





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Dear Kilim Collectors,

In this year's Fall exhibition, Galerie Kelim will display some exceptional kilims and rugs, which were created between the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Among them, following pieces merit special attention: Dazkiri kilim (18th C.), a Hotamish kilim (17th / 18th C.), a Gaschgai kilim (19th C.), a yellow-based Central Anatolian (Kappadokia) rug (17th / 18th C.), cuval (sacks), mafrash (camel bags), and several other artistic textile goods from days gone by.

Another extraordinary highlight is a Central Anatolian Tulip Ladik from the 18th century - similar to one that is on display in the Vakiflar museum, Istanbul, Turkey.

In the context of a small thematic exposition, you will notice six kilims from Thrace (today Bulgaria). Harmonically combining Slavic and Anatolian art of weaving, they were appreciated for their fine quality throughout Europe and Asia during the 19th century.


Werner Braendl