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Twenty Years of Passionate Collecting

A textile journey across the Orient
Exhibition from 
4th March to 5th April 2003






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When visiting the gallery in the early 80s, he was just looking for minor antiques such as silver and porcelain objects; collectors of "old rags" made him laugh.

He was browsing for many years, and became a good friend of the gallery. Then, suddenly, he realized his new passion: first he purchased a "cheery" Milas, after that an antique kilim from Western Anatolia, then an unusual Baluch….

During his trips he developed a sense for rare examples of textile art from rather different cultural backgrounds.

A "universal" collection began to grow and was continued until the mid 90s; it contains examples from Thrakia to Baluchistan, from the 18th to the early 20th century.

The collector of these exquisite pieces gives us an extraordinary idea of the beauty and diversity of antique textile art.