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Exhibition from 16.
Sept. to 18. Oct. 2003


Woven and Knotted  Textile Art from North East Persia




double bag


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As Sauer writes, "The surroundings of Meshed resemble a museum in which all kinds of peoples and races who have ever set foot in Iran or appeared on its threshold, are gathered at random."
Reza Vahidian and his father from Meshed, the centre of Khorasan, first opened my eyes to the beauty and diversity of textile art from this region. We came to know each other because Reza and his father were interested in the carpets and kilims at my gallery, and we became best friends over the years.
In this exhibition, I am presenting over 30 exhibits from the 19th up to the 20th century.
The pieces reveal many various tribal influences: Luri, Afshars, Shasavan and, in particular, Kurds are most important in symbolism. Belouch and Turkmens in Khorasan, however, have equally woven and knotted those exquisite large and small sacks, salt-bags, stripe kilims, spoon-bags, rugs and flatweaves.
Detailed information on Kurdish textile art is available on the kilim website of the exhibition 4/ 2000.