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11 November - 20 December 2003 
Symbol and Colour  - Four Centuries of Textile Art

Filz Daghestan




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Symbol and Colour - Four Centuries of Textile Art

This year's exhibitions of textile art culminate in the gallery's presentation of a selection of particularly beautiful and outstanding flat weaves and carpets dating from the 17th to 20th centuries.
A cross-section of cultures covering a period of four centuries allows the lover of textile art to indulge in the vigour of symbol and colour.
Among the some 30 exhibits illustrating textile art of bygone times you will find 'Manastir' prayer kilims from the Balkans as well as the Turkoman Hadklu (Hatchli).
A special section of the exhibition with six 20th century rugs is assigned to "Tülü". These plain sleeping rugs used by the nomads in central Anatolia have received little attention so far. An extensive exhibition of more than 40 "Tülü" is planned by the gallery for 17 February - 20 March 2004.