Hotamisch, 18. Jh.
Aksaray Cankiri, Mitte 19. Jh.
Detail: Kilim Central Anatolia,
18th century
woven by Hotamish, 344 x 161 cm
Detail: Kilim Central Anatolia,
Aksaray Cankiri,
woven mid 19th ct., 325 x 165 cm

 Exhibition Würzburg 14 March - 29 April 2006

Flatweaves and Carpets from Central Anatolia,
17th-19th Century


Teppich, Zentralanatolien, vor 1800
Detail: Kilim Central Anatolia, Sivrihisar,
woven before 1800, 373 x 156 cm
Detail: carpet Central Anatolia,
18th century, 223 x 123 cm
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Through thousands of years various tribes and peoples used to pass through or to settle in Central Anatolia. Each of them brought along their individual cultures and shaped the textile art of this region accordingly. A large number of quite dissimilar tribes such as Turkomans, Yürüks and Kurds are still settling in Central Anatolia, living together as good neighbours. This exhibition shows very early Hotamish kilims dating from the 17th/18th centuries, together with 18th to early 19th century Kurd carpets from the Cihan Beyli region, and many more outstanding examples of sophisticated Central Anatolian textile culture. Yasiks (floor cushions), Heybe (double bags) and other textiles for everyday use provide an insight into the ancient, yet almost forgotten tradition of textile art in Central Anatolia.