Symbolism in Textiles
throughout the Ages

Exhibition Würzburg 16 May - 8 July 2006
Saf-Kelim, um 1800
ladik 1800
Schlafteppich, Ost-Anatolien, 1850
karapinar, 2. Hälfte 19. Jh.
ladik 1850

kaukasus, 19. Jh.

Symbolism in Textiles throughout the Ages

Weavers and dealers usually handed down descriptive explanations of symbols, e.g. the "comb motif" or "spanner symbol". These descriptions do not compare with the original messages of the symbols. They developed over long periods of time but they also degenerated in the course of time. The only way to understand symbolism in textiles is by placing carpets from the same regions but from different centuries side by side.

The exhibition introduces three examples of the "Tulip – Ladik", dating from the 18th, mid 19th and late 19th centuries. Placed next to each other, more than twenty exhibits illustrate the continuity and context in the history of symbols despite the effects of trading and prevailing taste.