Gallery KELIM Würzburg

1 April - 30 May 2009


Rare Yürük Weavings from

Western Anatolia

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Rare Weavings from Western Anatolia

Aydin had been a centre of trade and agriculture long before the Turkmen raided the country in the 11th century. Situated close to the Mediterranean Sea as well as being abundant with water from the Menderez River, the region had always been an ideal place to settle for indigenes and migrating conquerors. Those who stayed mixed with the native population and adopted their religion and culture. This is the area, where the characteristic "Aydin Kilim" was woven until the 19th century.
Whenever I was travelling across Anatolia, I went back to this region in western Turkey, in search of flatweaves that were mainly worked by Yürüks.
The result of my continuing search is a collection of many different kinds of Aydin kilims from the Kütahya area to Cine, and from Burdur to Manisa. Large- and small-sized kilims represent a broad spectrum of the art of flat weaving in this part of the country. The oldest pieces on display date back to the 18th century.