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23 Sept. - 22 Nov. 2014 Galerie KELIM, Wuerzburg,

'A House of Wool'

From the World of Nomadic PeopleH

The nomadic family's home was woven of goat hair or felted sheep wool.
It had to be suitable for transport and was carried from one pasture ground to the next by pack animals (camels, horses, donkeys). The nomads' furniture was equally made of wool. Storage bags for clothing, linen and cereal crops, covers for bedding and food, cradles and baby stretchers, bags for spindles, kitchen utensils and other equipment, for salt and for personal belongings – it was all made of wool. Woven and adorned with loving care by the nomadic women they were not only an essential part of a girl's dowry but also the pride of all housewives and families, until about fifty years ago. Hand-crafted textiles used to embellish the tent. When the nomads were moving from one place to the next, their animals were also decorated with special textile ornaments.

"Pieces of furniture" and other nomadic textiles that were saved from being worn down as door mats, motorcycle bags, repair work etc. are presented in the exhibition. When the exhibits' original use is explained, their unique beauty comes to life.

Today only a few families practice alpine pasture farming. Those who do, carry their furniture and animals to the Yayla (summer pasture) in light lorries. Equipment and even tents are mostly made of plastic or other lightweight, often synthetic material.

part from a tent, goat hair woven

some Cuvals (storage sacks)

Central anatolia, eastern Konya region, beginning 20th ct. knotted

175 x 85 cm

with Lezghistar-motiv, (Soumakh)
NW Persiea, (Khamseh),
End 19th ct. woven by Shahsevan ,

48 x 34 cm

some saltbags

Sofreh, NW-Anatolia, Bergama / Ayvacik
19th ct. woven by Karakecili
183 x 132 cm

Rukhorsi, Western-Persia, woven beginning 20th ct., 108 x 108 cm

Sofreh, NO-Persia, Chorasan,
End 19th ct. woven by Belutsch, 220 x 103 cm

Central-Caukasus (Shirvan), knotted
19th ct.

290 x 130 cm

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