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A Feast for the Eyes

A Feast for the Eyes
Rugs and Textiles from Four Centuries
Exhibition from 10/2 to 10/31 in the Joseph-Greising-House Hall, Wuerzburg

Felt (Avar) Kordi Sofreh
Despite millennia of weaving and knotting, we are left with few textiles
from recent centuries. As such, I am especially happy to present, in the
baroque Joseph-Greising Hall, the antique art of weaving and knotting
to the greater public.
Chelaberd Yatak Tülü
Here we Westerners are presented with an alien world, whose designs and
color-harmonies are nonetheless unforgettable. The following examples offer
only a glimpse of the immeasurably varied works which oriental women
produced during their free time in the pastures and villages.
As these are not commercial productions, we have the privilege of examining
an entirely different, now extinct textile-art.
Saf Kilim Central Anatolian Rug
This traditional lifestyle fostered, over the course of millennia, these
magnificent, albeit everyday objects including Çuvals and other
transport-containers. Additionally, however, the main focus of the
exhibition is on yellow-field Konya rugs, anatolian flatweaves from
the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, kurdish Rugs (east-anatolian)
from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and rare knot and weaving
techniques from the Balkan to Kirgistan.
Central Anatolian Rug Central Anatolian Kilim East Anatolian Kilim
The goal is to gain insight into earlier textile-arts.
Let your eyes devour!
Wuerzburg, 9/9/99
West Anatolian Kilim Central Anatolian Kilim Central Anatolian Kilim Kilim from Caucasus


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