Galerie KELIM Würzburg, Germany

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Nomadic Textile Art
Würzburg City
Close to Town Hall
Büttnerstr. 25

Far away from their countries of origin, the Galerie KELIM is preserving rare treasures of ancient textile art that is no longer existent. The selection ranges from 17th to 19th century museum objects to ornamental and hard-wearing 20th century flatweaves and carpets.
Several hundred unique specimens of nomadic weaving and knotting art are on display or for sale throughout the year. Any visitor keen on dyes, material, age, conservation and origin of the pieces (Anatolia in particular) is welcome and will be provided with expert knowledge.
Individual exhibitions highlight particular aspects such as the history of woven and knotted works of textile art, their trails, symbolism and colours.
We invite you to contemplate and enjoy the colours and the symbolism of nomadic textile art.
Werner Brändl, Galerie KELIM Würzburg